Beer baths
in Prague

Lázně Pramen Letná
Up to 20 people
Lázně Pramen Dejvická
For individuals

Život • Zdraví • Omlazení • Spokojenost • Relaxace

Lázně Pramen Dejvická is a premium salon, VIP programs with beer and wine SPA. Cozy rooms, oak bathtubs, rest in the hayloft (bed with straw) by the fireplace. Massage or peeling in the salt cave. Cedar barrel - Phyto Sauna.

Lázně Pramen Letná is a completely new project, the largest beer spa in the whole city of Prague. This is a conceptual SPA, both for individual visits and groups. The SPA complex is ready to accommodate up to 20 people. Perfect for both small companies and parties, corporate events, stag/hen parties, tourist groups.


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